15 Dec

Is MGID Against Google Adsense Terms & Conditions?

There are many conflicting opinions as to whether or not MGID is against Google’s AdSense terms and conditions, but the fact of the matter is that it isn’t. Generally websites generate traffic through a whole number of different methods – one of them being through paid advertising or traffic exchanges. There are those of the opinion that sites who buy traffic through MGID are in contravention of Google’s AdSense rules, but that’s simply not true, because by the same logic any website advertising on Google’s AdSense network wouldn’t be allowed to feature AdSense ads on their own site – which is obviously not the case.

Whatever you hear about MGID in terms of Google AdSense be absolutely clear that it’s not against the terms and conditions. What MGID does is simple: it allows you to generate traffic for new and flagging websites, you can do this either through the MGID traffic exchange program, or even by buying traffic from MGID. You can also sell traffic from your website – so if you receive a lot of hits, you can place the MGID ads on your website, just like you would with AdSense.

15 Dec

How Low Traffic Sites Can Buy Traffic Through MGID

It’s all well and good having a fancy looking website with amazing content, but it’s pretty useless if no one’s visiting it. Likewise, you can have a fancy web store selling great products, but what’s the point if you’re going to get no visitors? If you’re contemplating either of these dilemmas, perhaps you should consider using MGID, a traffic generation service like no other.

If you have a great new product or service to sell, it’s definitely time you looked at your marketing options. There are many different programs out there, but MGID is certainly one of the most advanced Web 2.0 traffic generation networks. Your advert will be placed on the websites of our partners, offering their users the chance to click it to be referred to your site. As all of our adverts are tailored to the liking of the individual user or website they’re placed on, there’s a much higher chance of that visitor hitting your site and “converting” into a sale.

15 Dec

Why MGID Works

Lots of people might wonder why MGID works – how on earth does it send traffic to your website? The mechanics behind MGID are pretty simple though, in order to receive traffic from the MGID network you must either be a part of their traffic exchange program, or a paying customer. Before we go any further however, it’s also worth mentioning that MGID isn’t just a network for those who want to buy traffic – publishers who wish to make use of white space on their website by placing some adverts on there can also make use of MGID, to monetize their site.

15 Dec

How To Monetize Your Site With MGID Traffic

There are two ways in which you can monetize your site using MGID traffic; you can either place MGID ads on your website and you will be paid a small commission each time that ad is clicked, or you can pay MGID to drive traffic to your website which will hopefully convert into sales of a product or service feature upon your site.

Monetizing a website is nothing new – lots of blog owners and webmasters who run popular sites see a potential to generate some supplemental income. Sometimes it won’t be a lot of money that you can generate using ads, but it could be enough to pay off hosting and domain fees. After all, making a little money is better than making nothing! You can make money by signing up with MGID and hosting paid adverts on your website.

15 Dec

Success Stories With MGID – Are You Going To Be One Of Them?

There are many success stories out there from people who have made use of MGID – are you one of them? There are many different ways in which you could utilize the power of the MGID network to benefit your website, and perhaps make some money in the process. Whether you’re running an established site with lots of traffic, or you’re just starting out – MGID could really help you.

Getting traffic to a brand new website isn’t always easy – so have you thought about using MGID? After populating your site with quality content you could be just hours away from hoards of visitors, all thanks to MGID. You don’t even have to pay for traffic either, you can use the innovative traffic exchange method to receive visitors to your site, for free! The only limitation with the traffic exchange is that it requires you to send traffic to MGID in the first place – if you don’t then you’ll receive none in return. For some, this will mean that they need to look at buying traffic with MGID.

15 Dec

How High Traffic Sites Can Sell Traffic Through MGID

There are many ways out there that enable you to effectively monetize your website and traffic, but have you ever considered using MGID? By placing an MGID product widget on your website you can make money every time a visitor on your website clicks on it – just like you do when a user clicks on an advert through a program like AdSense. MGID is an advanced form of advertising, but that’s not all it’s capable of. Using MGID you can also buy traffic for your website, as well as participate in traffic exchanges. No matter how big or small your site, MGID is something that all webmasters need to take note of and explore.

The MGID widgets look like ads from your typical ad network, but the great thing is that you can customize the kind of products that are advertised on your website. You can organize the products that are advertised according to many different criteria, including the category which they fall into. When you join the MGID network you can rest safe in the knowledge that you’re joining a network that contains no undesirable sites like gambling, porn or pharmaceuticals.

15 Dec

Can MGID Be Used With Google Adsense

For all those people looking to make some extra money using Google’s AdSense program there’s some great news, MGID can be used on your site! MGID is a traffic generation system that drives real visitors and users to your website, you can increase the visits to your website exponentially by using this fantastic system. We all know that the more clicks received through programs like AdSense, the more money you’ll earn at the end of the money in advertising revenues – thanks to MGID you might just see that figure rise further.

One of the biggest pieces of the AdSense rules is that incentives should not be offered for users to click on ads, and nor should they be encourage to click on your ads. The adverts are there for them to click should they decide – often sites in contravention of this policy have the related AdSense account banned. It’s useful to know however, that MGID is perfectly safe to use on AdSense sites.